ITINERARY IV:14 Days - "North Sardinia and Corsica"

In the ancient times Sardinia was called Sandaliotis (name of greek origins, beacuse of its shape resembling a footprint) and is one of the most antique islands of the western Mediterrenean sea. It was probably formed with the merging remaining fragments of an archaic continent.This spectacular and unrivalled island presents a variety of shapes. In fact Sardinia is a surprising blend of "diversities" originated from its complex natural, historical and cultural richness, as it has been, since the most ancient ages, a meeting point for the various cultures of the populations which have landed on and colonized its coasts. In the northern part of the island, between Alghero and Olbia you'll find a rich coastline alternating beaches and bays while the landscape is predominantly rocky. A fantastic journey along the northern irregular coasts of Sardinia, where nature has been wonderfully moulded by a civilization, the roots of which stretch back at the time of the first inhabitants of the Mediterranean. Facing Palau is the Archipelago of La Maddalena, unquestionable natural attraction of extraordinary beauty, from where, reaching its highest point, Guardia Vecchia, you'll be able to enjoy a view of all the islands of the archipelago, sweeping all the way to Corsica island.

NettunoDeparture at 05:00 p.m. from Marina di Nettuno
Archipelago of Maddalena
140 Nm
In the short stretch of sea of the Bocche di Bonifacio dividing Sardinia from Corsica, many islands, of all sizes, rise from the waters, forming the Archipelago of La Maddalena considered one of nature's authentic masterpieces. They're grouped in the eastern (Santo Stefano, La Maddalena, Caprera, with the small islands of Monaci, Sperduti di Caprera, Pecora, Porco, Delle Bisce, Chiesa, Della Paura, Cappuccini) and the western ones (Spargi, Budelli, Razzoli, Santa Maria with the little islands of Spargiotto, Spargiottello, Barrettini, Barrettinelli, Corcelli, La Presa, Paduleddi). The archipelago is characterized by various forms of granite, moulded by the wind and rain: the phenomenon of the "tafoni", big round rocks with fantastic shapes, entirely excavated by the crumbling of the rock from within. One of the most renowned is the one at Capo d'Orso on the coast in the vicinities of Palau.
1 Nm
This island is smaller than la Maddalena but its total coastline is longer, 45,5 km, because of th long and narrow cape of granite that stretches all the way to Punta Rossa, seat of a Navy Military base since 1887. The extreme southern coast of Caprera is a morphologically very frail and unsteady area; a profound opening of the sea forms the marvellous Porto Palma. The entire eastern coast of Caprera and also the northern one, are formed by striking cliffs of granite, almost totally unaccessible, so evocative and beautiful, formed by the more steep side of the long massif of Mount Teialone.
South Corsica
15 Nm
SThe southern part of Corsica is separated form Sardinia by the legendary Bocche di Bonifacio, a short strait, only few miles long. The coast, together with the turqoise and transparent sea, with the immense granite peaks, with the vast woods, the uplands and limestone slopes, form one of the most astonishing region of the island. Bonifacio marks the southern extremity of Corsica. A mediterrenean city located in a tortuous area, with its antique districts lying on top of white cliffs falling vertically to the sea and its port: a gully, deep cove with steep rocky faces, which separate it, almost completely, from dry land. Bonifacio is a tourist center most popular among the more exigent visitors. Portovecchio is an antique Genoese citadel close to the famous beaches and to some minor little islands such as Lavezzi and Cavallo.
   Insurance full-risk
   To rent a boat license is required for the Skipper
   Including: dinghy, mooring first and last night at the base
   The price doesn't include fuel, food and moorings
   Check-in week: saturday 06,00 p.m. - Check-out: saturday 09,00 a.m.
   Check-in week end: friday 06,00 p.m. - Check-out: sunday 06,00 p.m.