Ship Owners

You can entrust us your yacht or buy one with a 50% of saving.
The expenses of management (insurance, mooring and ship depot) and the expenses of normal upkeep will be born by Sailing in Italy Roma.
The yacht will remain at your disposal for three weeks during the period 15 June-15 October and whenever you want in the period between 16 October-14 June.

Send us details of your yacth, specifying characteristics, prices and including photos. We will insert data in our database and we will send you our brokerage contract or mandate for the lease and rental. It's a unique opportunity to catch now!

Please find below details on costs borne by "Sailing in Italy Roma":
• Mooring from 1 May to 30 September 1st • Routine Maintenance • Technical Transfers • Commercial Management
The following costs are to be borne by the owner: • Mooring from 1 October to 30 April 1st • Annual and extraordinary Maintenance • Insurance People and RC
If you want to become Owner you can purchase your new (or used) boat by anticipating only 50% of boat price, leasing fees and management costs (parking fee, mooring and storage). Costs related to ordinary maintenance can be covered by entrusting us with the management of the boat that you can use at any time around the year.