Charter Options

In order to choose the most suitable charter option, it is important to focus on what are your skills and motivations and those of your group.

You can either just rent the boat handling it yourself (Bareboat), or chose for a yachting charter with skipper (and a hostess, if needed) or you can take part in a cruise by joining an existing group.

Bareboat charter option is the ideal solution if you have enough sailing experience and want the exclusive use of the boat for your family and/or friends.
Should you choose this option, bare in mind that you are entirely responsible of the boat and of the overall safety on board vis-à-vis of the Ship Company and the Chartering company, who in turn must enquire on the technical skills of the captain conducing the boat and ask him/her for a valid boat licence.

The Skippered charter option is the best solution for those who have little or no sailing experience. Our professional skippers fully know our boats and the selected navigation area. They will take over technical responsibility in emergency situations, suggest the best sailing route and best anchor points, and will introduce you to the art of sailing.
This option does not include cooking or other services than conducing and manoeuvring the boat.

The "Fleet sailing" option means chartering a yacht to sail on specific itineraries in group with other yachts.
This is the ideal option for those who sail as skipper for the first time, representing a perfect balance between independence and safety.
A lead boat with professional crew can help the fleet with manoeuvres and is always ready to intervene in case of an emergency.
Each boat can sail independently and then re-join the rest of the fleet in the evening.